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If you are serious about cryptocurrency trading, then having good resources at your disposal can be a lifesaver. In fact, using the best tools can even be the difference between failure and success.
So, today we’re going to review a free online cryptocurrency trading tool called This online crypto trading tool aims to act as your crystal ball in order to help you predict the future price of pretty much any crypto coin or token around.
The website has many different sections, and they all serve a specific purpose. We’ll quickly go over each section and talk about how we can use these tools to make better trading decisions.
We’ll talk about what’s great about the site, and a couple things which could be improved as well.
While Coinpredictor offers great tools, you should of course keep in mind that performance can never be guaranteed, these are only tools, and you will simply be using them to help make your decisions. Let’s get started!

The coins section

The coins section allows you to narrow down crypto investments. This is the main page of the site, and it can be pretty useful. If you use the different headings listed you’ll be able to sort these coins by different criteria. For example, you might be interested to know about coins or tokens which have a large number of upcoming events. Using this page you can sort the list
accordingly to show you which ones fall into this category.
Knowing what events are coming up is a good way to cash in on temporary price fluctuations, and it’s a great metric to watch. Even if you’re looking for a long haul investment, having a healthy amount of activity can be helpful in measuring success. Teams who know how to keep the good news coming are likely more dependable in the long run.
Once you’ve found your investment you can easily zoom in on that coin to get a look at the bigger picture. One of the best things about this site is the sheer amount of data they offer you.
There are predictions for a wide variety of dates and even predictions for each event.
By watching the trends you can quickly decide whether the entry point you’re considering is good or not. While it’s of course possible to try to pick out this information yourself, having it laid out so neatly can reduce your workload significantly and help you to identify trends you may otherwise have missed.

ICOs Section

This area is of course dedicated to ICOs. If you plan to invest in any coin offerings, then you could potentially use this part of the site to find one you may want to put some money into. The page automatically pulls in some useful information such as the end date for the ICO and the hard and soft caps for the supply which can be difficult to find.

However, the information doesn’t seem to be quite as good here. There’s little in the way of descriptions and no ratings options which could be a good addition for this page.

Correlations section

Much to the dismay of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, most altcoins tend to follow Bitcoin. That means that when Bitcoin goes down in value your other assets likely will as well. The reverse can also be true, and sometimes select assets don’t follow quite as closely as others, but it is an interesting metric you should keep track of.
Using this tool you can quickly see how closely one cryptocurrency follows another. This can be useful for predicting which way certain investments will go based on others. While Bitcoin is the most obvious one to compare to you don’t have to stop there.
You can actually compare any currencies that you choose. Be sure to take a minute to dive deeper into this one to evaluate just how close the charts are, it’s pretty fascinating once it’s all laid out for you.

Events Calendar

Crypto events are the big money makers and using the calendar is a great way to set yourself up for success. These events are what typically moves the price, and if you see that a project you like had an event coming up then it can be a good opportunity for profit taking. Using this page you can actually sort all of the events in the system to pinpoint which investments can be
the most profitable. The UI for this page is quite nice, and it’s easy to sort by specific events. Exchange listings for example can be particularly lucrative, and with one click you can see all of the available opportunities. This is likely one of the most useful pages on the site, and one you should make use of frequently.

News Section

Keeping up with crypto news is important, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. However, this section of the site makes it much easier. Plus, it has one more nifty trick. You can actually sort the coins by how many news items are available.
That means you can use this tool to easily see which coins may begin trending, leading into a sharp uptick in value. It even sorts these news items by type to help you see the big picture. It’s a pretty valuable tool that not many sites seem to have, making this an interesting addition to the site.


All in all, offers an excellent experience for investors. The UI is easy to use, and they have a ton of great features. The news section is very unique, and the events calendar is set up in such a way that it’s a pleasure to use. The ICO section could use a little more content, but other than that the tool is excellent.

They offer a wide variety of coins and tokens in their tool, some not even available on coinmarketcap, and it’s a great resource for both amateur and experience cryptocurrency traders.

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